ZZ Plant (aka Zanzibar Gem)

ZZ Plant (aka Zanzibar Gem)

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Common names include ZZ Plant, Zanzibar Gem, Welcome Plant, and if you’re feeling extra nerdy, Zamioculcas Zamifolia. Often considered the "ultimate houseplant" for its hardy nature and easy care. Native to tropical regions, this plant can withstand low to moderate light.

Please note: This plant was used for modelling purposes and may not be the exact one you'll receive. However, we take great care in choosing each plant we sell, selecting only those which we consider to be the best(-looking) and healthiest.

Approximate Dimensions

Height (from ground up): 25 inches

Pot width: 8 inches

Plant Care

"The Immortal"

Difficulty Level: Carefree & unbothered

Great for: beginners & world-travellers

Care: Completely let the soil dry out between watering (water once every 3-4 weeks)

Light: Low to bright indirect light.

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