Monstera Deliciosa Plant
Monstera Deliciosa Plant

Monstera Deliciosa Plant

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Commonly known as a Swiss Cheese plant because of their odd-looking, heart-shaped perforated leaves. A tropical plant from the Araceae family, Monstera are native to the jungles of Mexico and South America. They can grow to be… monstrous!

Please note: This plant was used for modelling purposes and may not be the exact one you'll receive. However, we take great care in choosing each plant we sell, selecting only those which we consider to be the best(-looking) and healthiest.

Approximate Dimensions

Height (from ground up): 24-30 inches

Pot width: 8 inches

Plant Care

"The Chiller"

Difficulty Level: Easy-going

Great for: everyday people

Care: Slightly let the soil dry out between watering (check to ensure plant is not seated in water for extended periods of time). Water regularly (once every 4-5 days).

Light: Bright indirect to bright light